Society Labels Photoshoot and Shuba Magazine Publication

Dear friends,

I am happy to inform you that some of my photographs from “Society Labels Photoshoot” have been published by Shuba Magazine.

This photoshoot was organized by Southwest Suburbs Photo Group, and it was my pleasure to be a part of it as it conveys a great message.

Labeling is socially acceptable form of classifying people into categories. In order to label someone, you need to judge them first. The process of judging involves negative feelings about people and then those feelings are transferred to others by labeling them. “He is stupid!”, “She is fat!”, “They are dorks!” are just some examples of labeling. Person who is aware of being labeled usually suffers a certain amount of emotional pain. This photoshoot is meant to raise awareness about it.

Models: Atlie Gilbert

Brianna Seco

Sophie Bordelais

Erik Robles

Christy Alisa

Organizer: Southwest Suburbs Photo Group – Maritza Partida

Photographer: Maria Railic




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