Marina’s First Birthday – Forest ONEderland

It’s been a long journey with this beautiful family. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their portraits, baby shower, and now their baby girl’s first birthday party!

The little girl Marina had a wonderful birthday celebration at a lovely Italian Restaurant in Northwest Indiana. Her mother had an amazing  idea of designing a winter wonderland themed party. She hand-drew a large “book cover” with a castle on it, especially for this occasion. The drawing served as a backdrop for the photo taking, and I loved it! There was a lot of forest inspired decor, and an amazing cake that looked like it came out of the woods, it even had the hummingbirds on it! The children were also entertained by a face painter.

But, the most important part of the party was the little girl Marina! Her presence lit up the whole room! No one could resist that adorable smile, and the prettiest little eyes! Everyone was in love and had the greatest time being present there! However, the greatest pleasure was mine, as I had the honor of capturing the beauty of it and am now happy to share a piece with you! 🙂




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