Library Photo Shoot

The Harold Washington Library, located in South Loop is one of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago. There is one thing about its architecture that I especially love: the owl sculptures. There are five of them, one on every corner of the roof, and one atop the main entrance. They remind me of Gothic architecture and Gargoyles, which gives the Library a mysterious look. “What are the Owls protecting?!”, you may wonder. : ) It was built in the 80’s and along with the stunning exterior, this library has a fantastic interior as well. It treasures one of the largest book and newspaper collection in the Country, which makes it a real gem in the World of Libraries.

That is why I love visiting it, and why I chose this location for my recent photo shoot with Chicago lifestyle blogger Katy Rose of Modlychic. If you are not familiar with her work, you can visit her blog at Modlychic or for a daily dose of inspiration follow Katy on Instagram.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this session.



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