Baby Photoshoot

Couple of months ago, just before Easter, I had a great pleasure of photographing this gorgeous baby girl. She was just two months old and this was her first photo session. Also, she was my youngest model by far! : )

I was very excited about this shoot and was preparing for it for a couple of weeks. I was also a little anxious, as I did not know what to expect. Is baby going to cry? Is she going to be sleepy? Cranky? How should I act in case that happens?! All those, and many other questions were going through my mind. I’ve heard many stories from my photography friends who take baby photos on a regular basis, and all of them had similar scenario happening at least once in their career. I also knew that baby’s mood depends much on their needs. Are they hungry, do they have any physical pain, like cramps for example, but also, do they feel safe and comfortable; those are very important questions when it comes to determining if baby is ready for a photoshoot or not. Luckily for me, this baby was feeling great, she was smiling all the time, and just sometimes wanted to be close to her mother, which was perfect for taking candid photos of the two of them. I also have put some wonderful classical music (babies love Corelli, just so you know) to play on my Pandora radio, and I believe that helped elevating the baby’s mood as well! 🙂

Then, we took some Easter photos. After that, photos of a baby in a decorated wicker basket, and finally we decided to take some photos with the guitar, as baby’s Father is a member of a rock band and plays a guitar. I think that baby Marina enjoyed those the most, as she was sleeping and didn’t mind being around the instrument. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll play some instrument as well!

Enjoy some of the best moments of this session.



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