Photoshoot with Edith of Healing White Owl

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Recently, I had a great opportunity to photograph Edith Arias of Healing White Owl.

She is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Designer, and a kindhearted healer from Chicago. She is definitely one of the best healers whose services I have experienced. We did a photo shoot on a beautiful sunny day, and the session was magical for both of us. We shot for an hour, and then we just walked, talked, and ended up in a traveler’s cafe eating chocolate cake and listening to a live Indie band. I felt great in her presence and honored to capture the essence of this amazing woman. She is so full of light, wonder, and excitement. It is remarkable what Edith can do. The last Reiki session I had with her, I instantly felt the weight off my shoulders, and was filled with such joy! Balanced, and energy aligned. I highly recommend her healing services. Please, check out her work at:




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